Sheath Wedding Dresses Australia give a speech at the wedding

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Does the maid of honor Sheath Wedding Dresses Australia give a speech at the wedding reception Best answer chosen by asker In the olden days, only the best man and the fathers would speak.However, it the twentyfirst century and women including the maid of honor and female relatives of the bride are often called upon to give toasts at the reception. If the bride asked you to give a toast, it because you mean so much to her and she believes you will have something beautiful or funny to share with the guests.If you hate public speaking, beg off for that reason.But don refuse to do it just because you think it"Untraditional. " Traditionally, the Best man gives the speech.But you don have to follow tradition.At my wedding in march 2007, my husband twin brother(Best man)Gave a speech and it was really stupid and made no sense.Then my maid of honor(My best friend since 5th grade)Gave a surprise speech.I cried.It was beautiful and it was a surprise.It made my day. Don force anyone into making a speech.I think that why the one my brother in law gave sucked.He felt pressured and obligated.Then my moh gave hers on the spot unpressured and unplanned.Beautiful.

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