Pandora Silver Beads poisoning of our water and food

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Episode 287 Dangle Beads comments Episode 287 comments Don't forget many on disability in the us due to the poisoning of our water and food supply.Fluoride within water and now gmo food not even labeled.1/2 of baby formula contains 50% high fructose corn syrup which as much as 1/2 of that has scary levels of lead and mercury.I am bipolar myself and wonder if any effect was from my grandma.She lived in arizaona back when they used to do above ground nuclear testing.He had 7 births and 5 miscarriages.Mental illness runs in the family in the future.So my guess is you will find many people are on disability due to what our own government has done to us, As somebody who is disabled and lived on $787 a month, it was completely humiliating to get it.I understand needing to prove that some people are disabled but the ways they do it, the ppl they have working in those offices and the proof you have to continue to have makes it very difficult to keep the disability.I know there are ppl milking the system, but people withdebilitating diseases, its as if merely want us to die off and not bother applying.Its poor.And here these bankers and political figures are, like max considered that, making thousands of dollars a minute and dont really care about average folks.I hate being on impairment but i dont have a choice.And additionally im 28.The point is, keep on knowing it like it is max and stacy!Everyone are awesome! Why does occupy wall st not go to europe to occupy the middle point of gangster banking? Why once they?Aren't there enough people already in the grass there to do it? What makes you think at the outset that americans can jet over to europe for free and travel, feed, flush, therefore, at Pandora Jewellery no cost? Did it never occur to you that americans are broke and can't buy to go to europe to do what you ask? People beyond your usa have bought into the lie that americans are rich. In addition, it will not work well unless we hit the nail on the head.His posture is the fact that capitalist system is fine, and all discovered to set up the right rules and enforce them.This is whay he says greed is not dilemma but fraud. I argue.Capitalism is dependant on greed, on satisfying one's cravings and it is set up so that income is illimited, losing sight this very issue irremediably results in what is occurring today. It's good to make it simple, but no so simple that people's perception ends up short from learning the problem and ultimately missing a solution. Re historical findsmr.Evans the mongolian state which is a sovereign that has more hitting the ground with russia than china.China has no power to suppress anything in mongolia that is working towards insulting the mongolian state.This content max talks about is serious stuff, the most serious and it must take on a a less comedic tone.No problem with the content but if you really want it to strike at the heart of the viewers and actually get them to do or attempt to stop paying it(As well as securing more viewers), Need to digress from the mocking and get would definitely be a gritty and dark.This is dark and zilch light humoured or funny about it. Mister evans You will be blown away at To learn that recently in mongolia they found remains of tall red headed people dressed in plaid 3000 years old whose dna was celtic.You see the celt stretched from western europe through up-To-Date turkey to mongolia.There is a whole lot of evidence now to show the extent of the cultural impact in europe and asia.It would be a respectable exercise in reading up about it, because it is totally fascinating. Jim i dont such as the alyona show, it's good in relation to content as are most of rt's programs but the way alyona presents her show is not good.It's presented like a parody or mockumentary sort of fashion and it's hard to take her seriously because the content happens to be serious often.But it seems served up like the average episode of the simpsons or family guy or married with children.A person who max talks about is serious stuff, the most serious and it must take on a a less comedic tone.No problem with the content but if you really want it to strike at the heart of the viewers and actually get them to do or attempt to get rid of it(As well as gaining more viewers), Need to digress from the mocking and get more gritty and dark.This is dark certainly nothing light humoured or funny about it.The actual cia/nato/zsors/zioni sts etc.And that's too jim, instead find about true journalism from people like webster tarpley, robert fisk, ralph nader and quite often even chomsky and even uri avenry. Barrie singleton(Non listed)14.05.2012 11:44 Jim is your (more pandora bracelets here) concern in the future of mankind a projection?In person, i need"Death at will" (Including by pre set up)And minimal under pressure(Both both mental and physical)At allsentients.I'll go ahead and get me coat. Mike marr(Non listed)Written in 5 Marr is a celtic name to be also present ireland spelt mair or mar or mehr.There is no formal spelling until late in the 18th.Century.My forefathers were butchered by scottish traitors hanoverian and english troops.May use the marrs fled to germany holland and russia.Stalin's adviser on ethnicities was nicolai marr and he contributed enormously to the soviet union.His family counseled me asylum seekers and russia gave them a home.For pretty much 300 years my family has been persecuted mr.Evans my family were some of it.If bonnie prince charles had taken notice of my family instead of murray when they arrived at derby they would have marched to london and thrown those stinking hanoverian lunatics because of this country and britain would have become a civilised and cultured country.

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