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Further education in the uk Further Pandora Glass Beads education in the uk Your blog began life about a life(My very own)In further education colleges.It's resulted in the daily shenanigans and goings on in schools, universites and colleges across the land.Homemade wine we take a pop at anyone and anything, we even more take a dislike to the pompous, law giving national ministers if we think they are having a laugh at the public's expense, which most often are. Our intrepid reporters daily scour all the problems that affect people.It moaning Pandora Charms UK shop, a meeting place and other things that are it develops into.I started this blog in august 2005 had have had some pretty good feedback from people within the last few year.Theres a lot of concerning people in blogland, so write and send me your stories and stories and i will publish em and be damned.Lots of affection, billy.Bbd xxx Ps.Here is a virtual version of me! Should be fun i wonder if they may us all a whip and a chair each.Ways to tame 22, testosterone fuelled 6 foot oiks with only an ofsted quality handbook more likely.

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