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City seeks to fill mccabe's 'sizable shoes' City seeks to fill sell at a discount mccabe's 'sizable shoes' Mccabe's departure most likely is not the end of history, but his finger prints are all over an intense period of economic activity and optimism that's contributed to a growing sense of a community on the move. To be able to city manager chris murray, mccabe's successor very likely have"Large shoes to fill, The city has now hired an executive recruiting firm to put out a nationwide casting call for potential candidates for the $184, 000 a year place.Interim, murray has hand picked an amazing interim replacement. In a eyebrow parenting move, paul anne priel, gm of community services, has been seconded to temporarily helm the look and economic development department(P for the three to six months it takes to find a perpetual successor. Murray's choice of priel sends a strong message about what he's looking for in the next individual to take charge of p 579 staffers, $62 million financial position, and wide ranging portfolio that features urban planning, zoning bylaws, growth the economy, and stimulating the waterfront and downtown. By selecting a departmental outsider as a stand in rather than director or manager within p murray is signalling there is no internal heir apparent.For instance, it's going to be a level game for external candidates. Murray says there's a lot of talent in the department.And he likes to promote from the inside of when he can.But he also wants to see a full-Range of prospects. "I'm obviously hoping that i will get applications from within, but it's important that i have as great a selection or choice to select from for such an important position, By nature, the rumour mill is churning with potential internal candidates.Consist of tony sergi, senior director of growth consolidation;Gary robichaud, newly apppointed director of looking into;Neil everson, director of economic growth;And also marty hazell, director of parking and bylaw support. The safe funds are ruling out robichaud, because mccabe only a few weels ago promoted him to director of planning;And everson because he's way too affable to occupy such a red hot seat. The smart money is betting murray will genuinely choose an external candidate. Once once more, priel's feather ruffling temporary consultation may be a clue. The reason she was chosen is murray wants to broaden the perspective and experience on his senior management team.But he also notes priel has a good status engaging and empowering front line workers and managers in her community services portfolio, something she'll give bear at p Murray says that ability to understand and act upon the connection between employee engagement and also gratifaction will be a key consideration in hiring mccabe's successor. Murray has nothing but praise for mccabe's ability to repeatedly hit the ball out of the park on economic development projects. "We're in not in anyway leaving that.That great deals will job no.1, But he notes mccabe himself appreciates he wishes he'd spent more time mentoring his staff.Intended to get murray, that goes hand in hand with changing the culture at city hall and the performance expectations that get along with it. Anyone who is chosen, murray suggests he or she will be lucky from a career understanding that"They're coming into a community that isn't talking abut future momentum that momentum is occurring,

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