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Bedroom farce What a wonderful and funfilled play!Totally hilarious. With all the depressing things that occur in our world, a comedy is definitely needed.But the really unusual aspect of this comedy, unlike those on tv, is that there is substance here and thinking going on.How refreshing! The director, nick sandys, can be proud of the actor's performances.They were even attentive to the subtle differences of english accents used by people from different social classes.Other details:The working class man needed a haircut, whereas the upper class man's hair was always perfectly combed. The main characters are trevor and susannah.We have all met them:People with no social awareness, the world revolves only around them.Their marriage is"On the rocks. "They inflict their miseries on the three couples. Bedroom farce asks us to decide if and when we should take the risk of telling friends and relatives of our hopes and fears. Compliments to the clever set design team for the imaginative use of Evening Dresses Australia the stage space(About 20' x 20')To show the interiors of the three bedrooms. The set designers used ingenious ways to show the social class Dresses Australia of each couple.The working class couples bedroom had bare floor boards, a small rug and a stained wall.The middle class bedroom had '60's style plush carpet and fine painted walls.The upper middle class bedroom had walltowall carpet, richly painted walls and even a window. Alan ayckbourn was Beach Wedding Dresses Australia born in 1939 and as an adult devoted himself to the theatre.He has received many awards, including a special tony award for lifetime achievement in the theatre.He was knighted in 1997 for his stellar contributions to the theatre.

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