Cheap Tiffany Bangles enriched the shufflers to create huge carbon

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Greening us likely to create huge carbon market "Taxing"Carbon emissions and sending the proceeds to other companies or even other countries with dubious oversight is nothing more than a game of"Cups and ball".A game in which the dealers(Carbon trading businesses)Are the only winners.Sending taxes from carbon emitters to vaguely described agencies of carbon trading companies is not the same as reducing emissions although it is counted as such by kyoto.Have you ever wondered why 1990 was selected as the"Baseline"For kyoto?Because that year was a peak in emissions before the collapse of the soviet union and the resultant drastic fall of the industries(And their pollution)Of the countries of the former ussr.The kyoto framework was agreed on at the end of 1997, so why not make '97 the baseline?Or, on the other hand, take careful measurements etrio Earrings through '98 and maybe '99 and set a baseline on those numbers?Virtually none of the countries who adopted kyoto have met their goals. Shuffling billions of dollars around the world has not reduced emissions, it has only Cheap Tiffany Bangles enriched the shufflers. Will capping emissions save the over fished oceans?Will the caps save the rainforest?Or clean up sarno or the mississippi river?Will china's global pollution Tiffany Pendants Sale be reduced by our cap and trade system?No! Its all an illusion that gives congress more power to dictate and control our economy.And it has to stop!Freedom needs to be priority!There are many companies that are 'going green' all on their own and if consumer reports keeps track of any fibs then we can further demand clean industry and get it!

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